Stability. Strength. Recovery.

These three pillars to movement mastery can all be achieved with the all-new foot activation
system by Naboso. Through the daily integration of the Kinesis Board, Foot Wedges,
and Advanced Wobble Wedges you will be able to improve your movement-game and
find better body control.

Kinesis Board



Better stability, means better movement.Get ready to experience the Kinesis Board which features dual sensory stimulation, a micro-wobble system and a single-leg platform.

Training balance on one leg is after all, how we use balance during our daily movements. This is why the Kinesis Board is designed for one leg at a time.

Better balance begins now!

Product Specs:

Patented - Naboso Top Cover

  • 5.5" x 13" wood platform
  • 2 lbs total weight
  • Includes (2) 4" x 4" x 1" foam blocks
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Foot Wedges



Get ready to combine the power of biomechanics with barefoot stimulation.

Built-in foot strength is deeply connected to your overall posture, power, and performance. With the Naboso Foot Wedges, you can hack your way to faster foot activation through proper foot positioning and our neurosensory texture.

Find your foot strength!

Product Specs:

Patent-Pending Naboso Top Cover

  • Includes (2) 25 degree toe wedges
  • Includes (2) 10 degree heel wedges
  • Made from 100% food-grade silicone
  • Features patented Naboso texture for neuro stimulation
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Advanced Wobble Wedges



Looking to add a little challenge to the Kinesis Board? Switch up your wobble with one of our Advanced Wobble Wedges, designed to increase the instability and neuro stimulation provided by the Kinesis Board.

Kit includes (2) curved wobbles and (2) thicker square wobbles.

Are you up for the challenge?

Product Specs:

Patent-Pending Naboso Top Cover

  • Includes (2) 35mm curved foam wobbles
  • (2) 5cm square wobbles
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Master Your


Evolution of Surface Science and Stabilization

What we train on, whether it be a yoga mat or AstroTurf, ultimately influences how our foot activates and communicates with the rest of our nervous system. This is especially important when we are training barefoot or focusing on movements that require rapid stabilisation.

Our evidence-based texture is defined by a unique shape, height, and distance to ensure that we get the most accurate stimulation of the nervous system.


The Sensory Side of Strength

The skin on the bottom of the foot contains thousands of (small nerve) mechanoreceptors, which are sensitive to different stimuli including texture, vibration, skin stretch, deep pressure, and light touch. When stimulated, these nerves play an important role in how we maintain upright stance, activate our postural muscles, and dynamically control impact forces.


Recovery From the Ground Up

Our sensory driven texture and hard surface is designed to effectively stimulate the nervous system and provide increased proprioceptive input from the ground up.

The power of activating the nervous system and establishing foot to core stability allows us to bridge the recovery between body and brain. Naboso products offer you the ability and awareness to recover in a variety of settings.

Complete your
naboso experience

Sensory Sticks

Hands, meet Naboso! Just like your feet, the surfaces of your hands are incredibly dense with nerve endings. When you touch something, the surfaces of your palms send thousands of signals to your brain to prepare the rest of your body to lift, throw, balance, and grab.

Our Sensory Sticks stimulate the surfaces of your palms to activate those connections and prepare you for movement. Additionally, because the sensory sticks are lightly weighted (2 lbs each), they actually activate your joints and muscles as well, creating an exponential mind/body connection.

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