Naboso Neuropathy Pilot | 92% Increase in Foot Awareness

Naboso Neuropathy Pilot | 92% Increase in Foot Awareness

Over 20 million Americans live with daily pain, tingling and numbness in their hands and feet, causing impaired foot awareness and decreased balance when walking.  

There are many types of peripheral neuropathy, each with a different cause, but all having a similar impact on movement and quality of life. This progressive condition is one of the most common chronic neurological conditions impacting so many around the world.  

At Naboso, we are committed to helping people move better through sensory science and have initiated a Neuropathy Pilot Study to begin to collect subjective data around the effects of our Neuro Insoles for improving foot awareness with neuropathy. 

The Neuropathy Pilot  

Our pilot includes 40 subjects, all diagnosed with varying types of neuropathy, as they wear the Naboso Neuro Insoles every day for at least 30 minutes for a total of 6 weeks. 

All subjects have reported decreased foot awareness and numbness which causes impaired balance and stability when walking. After just 1 week of wearing the Naboso Neuro Insoles this is what we’ve found. 

92% reported increase in foot awareness despite having prior numbness 

76% reported increase in stability when walking with Naboso Insoles

And here’s a few testimonials from our pilot participants.

Direct correlation to the longer amount of time they’re worn the more improved walking and balance 

– Pilot Participant, MS Neuropathy 

There is a change when I take off the shoes with the insoles and just walk around barefoot.  I am still more aware of my feet.  I am surprised at how simple they are yet they definitely make a difference in my just being "aware" of my feet.

- Pilot Participant, Diabetic Neuropathy 

I've observed increased foot awareness and definitely there is less foot tingling.  I've also noticed there is less stiffness of the foot.

- Pilot Participant, Chemo-Induced Neuropathy 

Next Steps for Neuropathy 

As we continue to conduct this Neuropathy Pilot we want to be very clear about the goals of the Naboso Insoles and this condition.   

In no way does Naboso claim to treat neuropathy, but rather what our insoles do is bring awareness to an otherwise numb foot.  By turning the noise aka sensory stimulation up we are essentially helping the nervous system “feel” the foot again.   

This increased perception of the foot when wearing the Naboso Neuro Insoles translates to improved balance, stability and movement confidence.   When we are able to give movement back to an individual, so much changes!   For many it is like getting their life back.

Completed Pilot Study 

As we continue to follow these 40 subjects we will be sure to report all findings with the Naboso community. After we complete this study it is our goal to use these findings to build awareness in the neuropathy and neuro rehab communities.   

At Naboso, we are changing the way we look at movement, one step at a time!