5 Ways to Bulletproof Your Feet

5 Ways to Bulletproof Your Feet

Strong feet means a strong foundation.    

With over 29 muscles in our feet, there are important daily steps that can be done to ensure your feet stay strong and healthy.    Below are Naboso Founder Dr Emily's top 5 ways to bulletproof your feet. 

Step 1 - Daily Foot Mobilization

5 minutes twice a day of daily foot mobilization with the Naboso Neuro Ball will help reverse the stress of the day.   Easily integrate this pin point pressure release when brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. 

Step 2 - Daily Foot Strengthening 

Whether it’s in the form of a yoga class or a Pilates session, strengthening your feet daily is a great way to keep your foundation strong.  Remember whenever strengthening your feet you want to focus on core engagement and breath coordination.   

Step 3 - Daily Earthing or Grounding

15 minutes a day of grounding or connecting to the earth allows us to reset our circadian rhythm and connect to the natural power of the planet.   Grounding can be done on grass, dirt and even concrete! 

Step 4 - Daily Sensory Stimulation 

At least 30 minutes a day of sensory stimulation keeps us connected to our nervous system and movement.   Want to get even more sensory stimulation, easily integrate the Naboso Insoles into your shoes! 

Step 5 - Daily Foot Hydration

Nightly debridement of dry skin and hydration of our feet keeps the skin soft and sensory sensitive.    Look for products rich in urea or lactic acid to get the best results.

As you implement the above tips remember that it is the small, consistent habits that we do every day which have the greatest impact on our body, health and longevity.